Do ghost and spirts use ultrasound to try and communicate with us durring an investigation?

Often in a haunted location pets seem to respond to things that we cannot see or hear. Do cats and dog have better sight than we do? No. Do they have better hearing than we do? Yes. Both dogs and cats hear sounds in the ultrasound range that humans cannot. Does that mean ghost are making ultrasonic sounds?

Among the believe of some ghost hunters is that ghosts use frequencies to communicated through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and appear sometimes in the non-visible light spectrum.

Frequency is the “rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample.” Frequencies are electromagnetic radiation that includes long radio waves, AM radio, FM radio, microwave, infrared light, the visual spectrum of light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays and high energy gamma rays.

Ghost hunters, however, are interested in the range of sound and light. The audible frequency range that people can hear is around 20 Hz and 20 kHz, leaving ultrasound (greater than the upper limit of human hearing) and infra sound (lower than the lower limit of human hearing) as a possibility of the residence of ghostly voices. The visual spectrum for people is between 400 and 798 THz, meaning we cannot see infrared light, lower than what people can see at 430 - 1 THz, or ultraviolet light, higher frequency of light that people can see. I am going to concentrate on ultra sound right now.

What is Ultrasound?

All sounds are produced by vibrations in bodies. In musical instruments the sound is emitted by vibrating strings or a reed. Our voice is the result of vibrations of our vocal cords. The number of vibrations a body makes per second is called its frequency and is commonly referred to as hertz. Ultrasound is defined as “…sound waves having a frequency above the limits of human hearing, or in excess of 20,000 cycles per second (hertz).” So by definition, ultrasound is totally undetectable by human ears unless aided by instruments capable of translating ultrasound to audible sound. In the marketplace, these instruments are commonly known as ultrasonic detectors and have been used for various maintenance related functions for over 25 years,

If we want to listen to ultrasound, we need an instrument capable of translating high frequencies into a range we can hear (normally 200-5000 we can hear (normally 200-5000 range). That is the function of an ultrasound detector. If we want to listen ONLY to ultrasound we need a detector with certain filters to eliminate audible or “parasite” noises. If we want to measure the energy of the ultrasound then the detector should have digital measurement capabilities.

You can easily generate your own ultrasonic sound by rubbing two fingers together, very lightly. You cannot hear anything yet they generate ultrasonic sound. Did you know there is noise all around us that humans can't hear?

Many animals such as bats, crickets and frogs send out sounds in ultrasonic frequencies. Some of earth’s natural magnetic waves create ultra sound also.

Can we use this information in researching the paranormal? Sure why not. We took a device that takes ultra sound and produces it in a sound that we can hear and attached it to a hand held device and a parabolic dish. One can hook headphones or a speaker up to listen for ultrasounds or record it to digital recorder to review later. Each ultrasound is unique in its own way so one must learn to recognize the sounds to tell if it’s a bat or a magnetic wave depending on your location. By narrowing the band, it allowing you to hear and pinpoint mechanical, electrical and biological sounds such as leaking gases, air, corona, motor frictional noises; bats, insects, and other sounds of mother nature -- even beading water! Unexplained sounds have been detected but unfortunately only limited research is available to analyze their meaning. Then when everything is ruled out, then maybe it is from the paranormal realm. This is a good device and I will keep you update on our results. I usually set the dish up hooked up to a digital recorder during the entire investigation. More hours of evidence to review at the end. Oh boy.

I will hook a speaker up to it before the investigation also. It is fun just listening and hearing the world of our silent friends of nature while waiting for an investigation to begin.

Click to hear the sound a cricket makes using our ultrasound detector. Totally amazing