Members of the Central California, The Other Paranormal Society, Ghost Hunters team

We are a diverse group of people who have come together with one common interest, that of exploration of the paranormal. We come from all walks of life, backgrounds, religious and spiritual beliefs, are both young and old, yet we are united in our common goal. We hope to bring to the public an understanding of the spiritual realm, and hopefully through understanding, a comfort zone between the living and those unseen that walk among est us. Although we take what we do very seriously, we also want to be able to have fun at the same time. We not only research locations within our own local area and state, we also travel outside our state as able. Being such a diverse group, we feel we are easily able to relate to any situation and clients from all walks of life and beliefs. We are here for those who have any need related to the field of paranormal, be it just for confirmation or for resolution of a paranormal situation. We are non-profit, and do appreciate any and all donations towards our research or if a client desires to give. If you have a need or concern, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist in any way we can.

If you would like to request an paranormal investigation at your location, submit a haunted location to be added to our ongoing haunted data base, share a ghost story or submit anything for our web site information, please contact Jim Pfister at email listed.

Jim Pfister is an experienced paranormal investigator and is the founding member and has been doing this long before it became popular. He is known as the GM of the group. GM standing for ghost magnet. He shows no fear when the paranormal starts to happen and does not have any fear being alone during an investigation. He is a very good calming agent with the group. The running joke in the group is if he becomes afraid, then the devil himself has showed up. I think he has mellowed though after all his investigations. He is an equipment whiz and is always being creative in the improvement of equipment and equipment set up, and knows his stuff inside and out. Although serious about paranormal investigating, he is also good for keeping everyone entertained and having fun with the group.

Central California The Other Paranormal Society Ghost Hunters Members

CCTOPS Team are a tight knit group where everyone know the others always have their back. When one of us says they saw or felt something, we have no doubt they did. I am not saying it was paranormal, but we know with their experience something did happen. We all mesh well and are a great fit. We also know if we need help, those we call are of the same fiber and are always a great asset. If a situation arises that we do need outside help, those we contact are always totally professional just like the CCTOPS team. I could not ask for a better team.

Central California The Other Paranormal Society Ghost Hunting Team

CCTOPS Ghost Hunters Team