Paranormal Defined, Factors and Phases of a good investigation


The definition of the word is "not in accordance with scientific laws", thus, any phenomenon that does not fit into our modern scientific world is classified as "Paranormal" which covers a vast area.. Magic, Hauntings/Apparitions, Demonology/Possession, Astral/Ethereal Beings, Mythical Creatures, and the list goes on.

Scientists for many years, have flatly refused to acknowledge that there may be other laws that govern the universe around us. That all things must be explained by the limited laws of science. If we cannot see the mysterious, then it cannot exist.

This is where the Paranormal Investigator enters the picture.

A good Investigator should not be easily convinced that they are experiencing genuine paranormal activity until documented audio/visual proof is gathered and then analyzed. Such proof is not easily found though. If it was, the Paranormal would cease to be such a mystery to us all.

Below is some general information on common factors and phrases used in that most widely investigated of phenomenon : Spirits and Hauntings.

Reports of Hauntings can often turn out to have a logical explanation through a natural circumstance or indeed even external tampering. Often, weather conditions such as wind, rain, and cold can causes noises such as drips, creaks, groans, rattling, etc. People tend to forget that buildings, especially older ones, can contract and expand with the weather conditions thus causing some rather strange and unsettling noises. Pipe work around a home can also create some eerie noises. Small animals such as rodents behind cupboards, in lofts/attics etc.. can cause scratching noises that may lift the hair on the back of your neck.

The capture of light anomalies and "Orbs" on filming equipment is still an often argued topic with many Paranormal teams. Our own view is that 99% of the time these are due to natural conditions and not Paranormal activity. Small insects, dust particles, water vapor, film defects, hair, and camera straps can often account for many anomalies. Light anomalies come in many shapes and forms, from the common orbs and rarer flashing colored lights, to the vortex, a long thin rope-like anomaly (which can actually be a camera strap or hair in front of the lens). We have captured on film various anomalies including, of course, the Public's favorite, Orbs. We have found that most Orbs are dust, bugs, or other matter floating in the air.

Apparitions are a genuine phenomena. They can range from misty transparent figures, moving shadows and in rare cases, fully materialized figures that can seem as solid as uou or me. It has been speculated that certain locations may generate these due to energies left from the past. A re-enactment of some previous event, like an old piece of film shown over and over at various times. Could this be due to some kind of time loop? We simply do not know the answer yet. Traumas and tragedies have often occurred in places where these sightings have been witnessed. Although apparitions have been caught on camera, there has often been the problem of proving the authenticity of the picture. Unlike digital cameras, analogue cameras have the bonus of allowing a negative to be viewed, thus showing the photograph was genuine. Digital Camcorders with night vision or 0 lux, are quite efficient at capturing apparitions in some locations. Usually such an apparition appears in the shape of a human shaped shadow, often moving near doorways in dimly lit locations. The investigating team has to verify then that no living soul was in the area at the time, and hence, caught on film.

Cold/Hot Spots are another common syndrome. Part of our initial tests are to search for any air drafts and their sources. not very exciting sounding but an essential part of the investigation nevertheless. A candle that flickers spookily can often be caused by such a draft. On occasion we come across a cold spot that has no draft from nearby. When this happens then we conduct various tests and experiments, then this may be attributed to possible Paranormal activity.

EVP recordings are a fascinating phenomena. These are voices, noises caught on auditory equipment that can`t be accounted for. EVP's are often more common in investigations than any phantasmal sightings. The success of EVP recordings may be due to the audio low signal frequencies picking up communication attempts easier than visual equipment.

Mediums are often used by Paranormal Investigators. Mediums can be Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient. Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirits, Clairvoyance is the ability to see Spirits, Clairsentience is the ability to sense the presence and thoughts of spirits.Unfortunately, in an investigation it can be quite tricky to prove the information is correct about a spiritual presence or if it's merely the imagination at work. Therefore we strive to obtain hard physical evidence to prove or disprove spiritual presence.