Paranormal or Haunted Activites? Experienced Fresno Investigation Society.

Our Organization

A little about our Organization: We are an experienced paranormal investigation group based in Fresno, California. The main mission of our organization is to research and investigate haunted locations. We take all requests for our investigation services seriously. Our group of investigators have experience in investigating ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. Some investigations will turn up explainable answers to phenomena or activity, some investigations will show unexplainable phenomena. The purpose of the existence of our group is to investigate, research, and document the paranormal or the haunted through thorough, unbiased, fact based investigations in the areas of Fresno and Central California. We hope some day to create a data base where other investigators can compare notes and research. We are always trying new techniqes or equipment. Some with great results and some go back to the drawing board. We are a non profit group located in Fresno, California and we do not charge for our services. We only investigate on weekends so we can devote our time and energies fully to the investigation. In emergencies or where children are involved, we may make an exception. You can contact us by phone or e-mail, please be assured we will handle your request quickly and confidentialy. Every case is unique and will be treated as such by our team. We will do our best to either explain the occurences or give you some concrete evidence and point you in the direction to get help in resolving your situation. We have started this website to research and document paranormal phenomena through investigations. Understandably, people are sometimes afraid to seek help because of the stigma associated with hauntings. Please be assured that if you ask for our help we will treat you with the utmost respect. We totally understand your situation and even though each case is unique in it's own way, we are well equipped to investigate and get to the bottom of the haunted or unexplained activities that you are experiencing.

Thank you,