Experimental Infrasound equipment used in our paranormal and ghost hunting investigations.

My latest venture into infra sound (sound below the range of human hearing , .001hz - 20hz ) equipment is VERY useful for paranormal research and I even grafted a infrasonic microphone onto the Gauss Master emf meter for my paranormal work. My Gauss Master (with an external antenna mod ) will allow hearing of infrasonic waves / sounds that are up converted ( with the Gauss Master vco ) to audible sounds that human can hear. This device is perfect for portable infra sound investigation by our group to allow sensing / detection of infra sound. I will include a picture of it soon, I promise.

Infra sound is sound with a frequency too low to be heard by the human ear. The study of such sound waves is sometimes referred to as infrasonic's, covering sounds beneath the lowest limits of human hearing (20 hertz) down to 0.001 hertz.

It can be generated by many things both natural and man made. In nature infra sound occurs from severe weather and natural disasters. Changes in the ionosphere when there is a storm have also coincided with the ion changes noted in some hauntings.

Some animals use it, such as elephants, to communicate long distances because it creates great oscillations and can travel great distances easily. Animals are known to perceive natural disasters and flee before they actually happen. Could this be in part to their interpretation of infra sound waves? Infra sound waves can cause objects to vibrate and when they reach the eardrum the brain may register these waves,but only a certain and small range of them,as sound. Mostly they manifest as a sense of movement, which can make you feel oddly alert, uneasy,or have a queasy stomach. If you've ever felt a bass speaker from a car going by, you might have felt those vibrations through your chest. It can affect human bodies and even objects. Depending on the pitch, infra sound can cause anger and fear Many times the brain will register infra sound in a way that will stimulate the "fight or flight" response.This can cause your heart to race,hairs on the back of the neck and arms to rise, sensation of chills,along with a heightened awareness of temperature changes.

It has been suggested that low frequency Infra sound may induce neurological effects that could explain many of the "experiences" that people have witnessed in haunted locations, particularly the feeling of being watched (sensed presence). infra sound can also play a key role in shadows that are often reported being seen in peripheral vision. Our eyes resonate at a frequency of 18 - 19 hertz.The quivering effect on the eye is just slight enough to make your brain register movement and blurs within your peripheral range of vision. Vic Tandy made this observation in the mid 1980's.

Vic Tandy is an Engineering Designer At some point in time in the mid ‘80’s (the article isn't specific on this) Vic Tandy worked for a company that manufactured medical equipment.

The laboratory he used was 30 feet long and 10 feet wide, and constructed of several garages that had their joining walls removed. Tandy had heard lab workers and facilities crew complaining of the possibility that the lab was haunted, but he didn't really believe it, and thought it was only “natural” causes. There were some odd occurrences, but he ignored them.

One night Tandy was working by himself, he started sweating – but was chilled. He had a feeling of depression, and he started to feel like he wasn't alone. As he tried to write at his desk, he felt like he was being watched. Slowly a figure appeared in his peripheral vision to his left, moving like a person. Terrified, Tandy looked to his left only to see the figure fade away.

The next day Tandy planned to enter a fencing competition. He needed to do a little work on his spare foil, and decided to do the work in the lab rather than at his home since the lab had a better bench vice. He came in to the lab early, set the fencing foil in the vice, and stepped away to get a tool. When he came back to the bench, he found the blade vibrating frantically up and down.

So there he is, an engineer, in a lab full of test equipment with a mystery in front of him. Like any good engineer, he started hooking test equipment to the blade.

What he discovered was that the lab was filled with a high energy, extremely low frequency sound wave. If this sound had been in the audible range, it would have permanently damaged his ears – however the extremely low frequency sound wave was too low to cause harm to his hearing. He made a quick measurement of the audio frequency and came up with 19 Hz.

Tandy theorized that the low frequency audio was causing a physiological effect on human bodies. He went looking to see what was generating this infra sound wave and tracked it down to an extraction fan in the cleaning room at the end of the lab. As soon as they turned off the fan, the infra sound disappeared. Tandy then worked with the shop foreman to modify the mounting of the fan in order to dampen the audio standing wave.

The ghost disappeared after the modification, and the laboratory became a happier place to work How will this knowledge help us in the field of ghost hunting? If we can measure such infra sound conditions in a location that is haunted, then we can begin to ask ourselves—what is causing this frequency. Could this be a haunting or perhaps causing the sensations to make our mind think there is a haunting. Some experiments in infra sound would be in needed to see just what it does to the human body in say a not-haunted location versus a haunted location

It would be interesting to experiment with infra sound technology while conducting a paranormal investigation. It is always good to step outside the realm of EMF Pumps, the Ovilus, the K2 Meter, and Digital Voice Recorders to gather evidence that ties science to the other side. Furthermore, Infra sound technology might be able to shore up some unanswered questions within the paranormal community.

Using equipment that can test for infra sound would be a good way to cross reference data acquired during investigations.This can help to legitimize personal experiences and rule out infra sound.

Infra sound affects our bodies both emotionally and physically. Although you may be aware that infra sound is present in a location, there is really nothing you can do to counter the fear it causes.

Remember, just because we can't see something does not mean it isn't there.

The full spectrum camera clearly defines that there are things happening all around us that we cannot see.