Can an object be haunted or cause paranormal activites?

Haunted Objects

People who experience haunting type phenomena always wonder why they were chosen to be haunted. It is an understandable question and one that I must try to answer whenever I am called in on an investigation. Sometimes the answer is apparent. In some cases, the clients moved into a house that had some history with it. Everyone knows that houses can be haunted. So too can land. I have worked cases involving houses that were brand new, houses without a history, so to speak. In some of those cases, it turns out that the land itself was haunted. There may have been a tragedy filled house on the property at one time. In that case, even though the house is no longer there, the spirits still are. They may well stay there forever, if they so choose and no one helps them cross over.

Sometimes an investigation will reveal some action on the part of the victim that brought the haunting on. It might have been because of occult practices or some form of evil act or behavior. However, in other cases, there seems to be no logical reason for the haunting. Granted, it is impossible to know everything about a piece of land or even in some cases, a house. Something could well have happened many years ago that no one knows about. It certainly does happen.

Every once in a while, you will come across people who seem to have problems wherever they go. Sometimes that is due to their having strong psychic abilities and they become a magnet for spirits. In other cases, the people themselves are haunted. The reasons why are usually unclear. You might say, “just lucky, I guess.” Truthfully, in many cases where this seems to happen, there simply are no explanations. So now we know that places and people can be haunted. However, it does not stop there.

You see, objects can be haunted as well. Spirits stick around for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because they do not realize they are dead. To some, that may sound ridiculous. How can you not know your dead, right? Well, it appears that there is no such thing as time once you leave the physical plane. If that is the case, and all of the evidence suggests that it is, then it seems less impossible to believe. A month or a year is a day. Other spirits stay around because of fear or because they are attached to someone or something, like a house. The point is that they do sometimes stay around and when they do, they may stay around something that was precious to them.

For that reason, whenever I work a case where there does not appear to be an obvious cause for haunting activity, I always ask whether any antiques have been purchased recently. Actually, it does not have to be an antique; it can simply be something that has been previously owned. However, antiques are a more likely suspect only because the older something is, the greater the likelihood that is has been owned or touched by numerous people and it is more likely to have a strong sentimental value to someone. That sentimental value could explain why a spirit attached itself to the object.

Should you think twice about buying an antique? Absolutely not. I personally love old things, be they furniture or trinkets. There is something about holding something that has been around much longer than I have. You can almost feel a powerful energy when you touch something old. What you are feeling is the vibrations of the object or of the person that owned it. Even so, I still love old things and I would never abstain from buying something I liked simply out of fear that a deceased someone may come with the object. Let common sense rule here. If you are looking at an object and for some reason you cannot explain, you are both attracted to an item but also get a bad feeling about it, pass it up. Trust your instincts; they were given to you for a reason. I have heard of cases where an object seemed to bring bad luck to whoever owned i t. In many of those cases, the owner will tell you that there was something about it that he didn't like but he bought it anyway. Sometimes a buy appears to be too good to be true. There is usually a reason for that. I am sure that many collectors have a story or two to tell.

I would also suggest staying away from any object that you know was in a haunted house, especially if the haunting was negative. That is asking for trouble. Whatever had terrorized the previous owners may decide to do the same to you. Aside from that, I would never be hesitant to purchase something old. Keep in mind too that simply because a spirit may be attached to something does not mean you will have a problem.When I think about it, I sometimes believe that almost anything old has someone attached to it in some way. We all have things that are precious to us and if for some reason we decided to stick around, there is probably an item we would want to stay around. That certainly does not mean that we would haunt the new owner.

Always keep in mind that the mere presence of a spirit does not constitute a negative haunting. Spirits are around us all of the time. Just because we do not usually see them does not mean that they are not there. However, it is very rare when a spirit tries to do something hurtful or even frightening to us. In actuality, they are often as afraid of us as we are of them. They still think in terms of the physical plane and often are frightened by what we might do to them for their intruding on our property. This is especially true with the newly deceased. So, in short, objects can be haunted as easily as a house, land or a person.

If you're a paranormal investigator you've heard stories about haunted items possessions or items. Is it possible to buy some antiques and bring home more than you paid for? Can spirits be attached to an item rather than a place? If someone had a favorite piece of jewelry and wore it constantly, perhaps the spirit would be attached to this jewelry. Do you need to be fearful of buying or inheriting items with a history? I would say not really. Many people, myself included, buy antiques or inherit things from deceased relatives and have had no problems. If you start having haunting activity in your home after you have brought home an item you recently acquired, contact a paranormal group like us. I would make sure your possession is guilty of being haunted before chopping up and burning it. If it's haunted, make every effort to rid it of the ghost before passing the problem on to someone else by selling it.

With all that said, here are a few pictures of some items. Most of the items were given to us after an investigation. Some of them, the clients insisted we take them. I am not saying the items are haunted and will give a little bit of information about each item. We only divulge information about an investigation with the clients permission. Some of the items have a very unusual past or history. Some of them it’s hard to explain how they came into our possession. As crazy as this sounds, sometimes I think the items are choosing us.

This cigarette machine was given to us after a paranormal investigation of a very old building. The building was built in 1905 to house Lodge No. 264, for the IOOF on the second floor and an armory on the first floor. Through the years it has been rumored to have been used as a house of ill rebute and home for men. The cigarette machine was bolted to the wall on the top floor and was so much fun trying to get it loose but the owners wanted it gone. I love the old deco style on the mirror.

This item was found in the attic of a home we were investigating for paranormal activities and problems. The owners knew nothing of the ouija board or where it came from. It was found durring our investigation.

This piece has a very unusual past and how it came into my possession is very very strange. It seems as if it choose me, not me choosing it. It is from the childhood home of George Reeves, the orginal superman from the TV series. His death some people still believe was a murder not self inflicted.

This wand, which we found out was a african dream stick after some long hard research. It was left in a house after the owner pasted away and was sold. The owners was having problems with strange activities and we were called in to investigate. With more research we found out that the owner that past away was known for practicing wiccan. We are not saying being wiccan caused the activities, just saying what we found out and why the wand was at this location.

This picture was taken durring the filming of a movie in Los Angeles. I am not really comfortable talking alot about this but will give you a brief idea. It was taken on an old instamatic camera that the picture came out right away and you had to shake it. When the picture was taken, I am positive there was a third person in the middle or a little behind the two children. Why he did not show up in the picture, I have no idea but am positive he was there when it was snapped. I do know who is was, but prefer not to say. Later that day, all three died while filming the movie.

The lunch room at Area 51?

Each of these items were used in a movie. For fun, can you name what movie each of these items where used in?

This picture was taken durring an investigation of ours a long long time ago before it became popular. Since then both of them have became very well known in the paranormal field. Do you recognize the both of them?