Do You Believe in the Paranormal, Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings?

By your arriving at our website, you must be curious or have had a paranormal experience or know someone that has? To paraphrase Shakespeare, there are more things in heaven and earth than man can possibly account for. Those that you can identify, understand and categorize into tidy groupings fall under the realm of the "normal". Those occurrences that modern science is unable to account for and explain in terms of the natural world are relegated to the realm of the "paranormal".

Does that mean that paranormal activity is merely the product of overactive imaginations? It would seem foolish to disregard what mankind may simply not yet understand. Some scientists who keep an open mind on the subject prefer to think of the paranormal as part of the natural world yet to be properly explored and understood.

A little bit about us. We are a group based in Fresno, California. The main mission of our organization is to research and investigate paranormal phenomena. We take all requests for our investigation services seriously.

Our investigators have experience investigating paranormal activity. Some investigations will find explainable answers to activity, such as pipes making noise and doors not latching and seeming to open on their own. Some investigations will show unexplainable activity such as disembodied voices, shadowy figures and unexplained noises. The purpose of our existence is to investigate, research, and document these paranormal events.

We have started this website to research and document paranormal phenomena through investigations. Understandably, people are sometimes afraid to seek help because of the stigma associated with hauntings. Please be assured that if you ask for our help we will treat you and your "situation" with discretion and the utmost respect.

Thank you for looking and please come back often. We are experienced in paranormal investigations but not in building web sites. We will be continually adding more and more information and updating the website with new paranormal tecniques and more paranormal evidence as time goes by. Please be patient with us and enjoy.